Track Your Skin’s Appearance Over Time

Your Own Before-and-After Shots

Sometimes, after years of Botox, fillers and other rejuvenating treatments, it’s difficult to remember what we looked like before. As problems like melasma, sun damage, broken capillaries, enlarged pores and wrinkles begin to improve, the changes we see from treatment to treatment become less obvious. When deciding on the next step in your skin’s rejuvenation, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a record of its evolution?

Customize Your Skin Treatment Regimen

Dermess has purchased a new photographic system that will allow us to photo-document every patient coming in for skin treatments and fillers.  These photographs will create an archived database that will not only help us treat patients better, it will let you see how your face has changed over months — even years! Tracking your progress helps us see together what works best for you and create a treatment regimen that matches your goals.

The photos are confidential…we’ll only show your photos to other patients with your permission. Happy New Year…and Happy New You.