The Lift That Refreshes

Sixtieth birthday or anniversary

Thirteen years ago, Gloria, a long-time Dermess patient, was profiled in the August 1999 issue of NFocus magazine when she underwent cosmetic plastic surgery. A teenage sun worshipper like most of us, her goals at 47 were to tighten the loose flesh under her chin, smooth her sagging jowl, and minimize the network of fine wrinkles around her eyes – conditions that peels and products just couldn’t address. The process included a brow lift, a partial facelift, and an acid peel under her eyes.

Evolution of a Facelift

Now Gloria is turning 60. In the thirteen years since her first facelift surgery, the natural aging process has taken its toll. Her jowl is sagging a bit again, she’s noticed some brown spots and broken capillaries, and she’s looking a little sunken under the eyes. Again, Gloria has decided to do something about it. She puts it this way: “I’ve decided that if this is the metaphorical final quarter of my personal championship football game, I’m gonna need, first and foremost, to absolutely get my ‘game face’ on!”

Time to Re-Evaluate

A self-avowed minimalist when it comes to skincare, Gloria had long ago abandoned the regime Terri developed for her 13 years ago. Her first step was to make an appointment to evaluate her 2011 face and get some recommendations. In addition to seeing how Dermess has grown and expanded, she was delighted that the medspa has now aligned with Dr. Jeffrey Marvel, a Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Terri recommended a consultation with him.

Just Be Honest!

Terri and Dr. Marvel were in agreement that Gloria’s facial “inventory” needed re-visiting. Dr. Marvel prescribed an Obagi Rx “atom bomb”, a four- step process designed to clarify her skin and get it ready for surgery. “The conservative atmosphere and gentle honesty of both Terri and Dr. Marvel was refreshing within the sometimes ‘pushy, shovey’ environment of plastic surgery hype and the ‘too good to be true’ results,” says Gloria.”I’m sixty, just tell me the truth.  And they did.”

Revitalizing a Previous Facelift

Today – with the dramatic advances in laser technology, stem cells and injectables – Gloria’s look can be refreshed by adding, not subtracting. To enhance her previous facelift and refresh the appearance of her skin, Dr. Marvel will use a combination of these new technologies along with traditional facelift techniques in a procedure designed specifically for Gloria. In the process, he’ll liposuction some fat from Gloria’s waistline to extract her own skin cells for filler – certainly an added bonus!

Dermess MedSpa Open House – November 29th

Gloria has written an article in this month’s Nfocus (,  will be blogging about it at and sharing her results in the special Nfocus Beauty issue – out in February 2012. She will also be the “model” for Dr. Marvel at the Dermess Open House on November 29th at 5:30, where he will talk more about the exciting “stem cell facelift” procedure. And follow our blog as we explore each step of Gloria’s “refreshing” in-depth.

“I’m thinking of this as a journal of aging well, a visual document of life’s little lessons, a full-on embracing of the aging process. Or, we can call it what it is: turning 60 while working to be the best that one can be.”