Whisper-3G Erbium YAG Laser Skin Rejuvenation


During the Whisper-3G treatment, damaged surface cells are ablated, or removed, while the supporting dermal tissue is heated to stimulate collagen renewal. The gentle nature of the Whisper-3G allows your clinician to safely and effectively treat facial skin and sensitive skin regions on the neck, back of the hands and around the mouth and eye areas without bleeding or anesthesia.

Treatment Results Timeline

  • Day 1 – Your skin will be pink and have a sensation similar to a light sunburn. You can resume normal activities immediately following treatment.
  • Day 2 – Make-up can be applied to cover any residual redness following treatment.
  • Day 3 & 4 – Skin exfoliation continues as new cells replace dry, dead ones.
  • Day 5 – You should see noticeable improvement in skin texture and tightness.