Laser Skin Rejuvenation at Dermess Renewal


Fresh, New Skin with Minimal Discomfort and Downtime

Do you have brown spots, broken capillaries and wrinkles from all the hours you’ve spent in the sun? Have you been thinking about laser skin rejuvenation, but couldn’t afford to take the time off or pay for an expensive series of treatments? Now there’s a laser rejuvenation treatment that offers big results with no pain, no downtime – and an affordable price!

The Laser Facial

The Whisper-3G laser offers a micro-laser peel treatment that gently reveals healthy, smooth skin. Whisper-3G utilizes Erbium YAG technology – a precise and gentle laser that removes damaged cells from the skin’s surface without exposing the underlying epidermis. Your skin will get pink and peel, and new healthy cells will replace the old ones, revealing a younger, healthier, more vibrant look.

How Does an Erbium YAG Laser Work?

During the Whisper-3G treatment, damaged surface cells are ablated, or removed, while the supporting dermal tissue is heated to stimulate collagen renewal. The gentle nature of the Whisper-3G allows your clinician to safely and effectively treat facial skin and sensitive skin regions on the neck, back of the hands and around the mouth and eye areas without bleeding or anesthesia.

Treatment Results Timeline

Day 1                     Your skin will be pink and have a sensation similar to a light sunburn. You can resume normal activities immediately following treatment.

Day 2                     Make-up can be applied to cover any residual redness following treatment.

Day 3 & 4             Skin exfoliation continues as new cells replace dry, dead ones.

Day 5                     You should see noticeable improvement in skin texture and tightness.

Whisper-3G at Dermess Renewal

The Whisper-3G Laser Facial is yet another in the list of new skin rejuvenation treatments at Dermess. With Dr. Marvel on board, we’re expanding our technology to offer you a wider array of options and price points. And as always, we tested and re-tested the Whisper-3G before we made our purchase decision. You’ll be happy we did.

The Dermess Laser Facial is $600 for one full-face treatment.