Cosmetic Surgery for the Aging Face: When Is It Time?

When is the best time to consider facial cosmetic surgery? Of course, it’s an individual decision. For the aging face, it usually comes down to this:  even the best products and aesthetic services aren’t working any more to lift your droopy eyelids, tighten your sagging jawline, or plump up the wrinkles and hollow places. But today, surgery may just be one facet of a total facial rejuvenation package. Here’s a real patient’s story…

Like many teenage girls in the 70s, I spent way too much time baking in the sun. While I got some real show-off tans, my thin, fair skin took a beating. And even though I got smart in my 20s and started using sunscreen, it was too late to prevent the damage from all those sunburns.

In my 30s, my skin started losing its supporting volume – especially in the lower part of my face – and I started getting filler injections to plump it up. In my 40s, my upper lids started sagging, which made me look tired all the time. While I’ve had many serious peels, use the right products, and regularly get the aforementioned fillers, it was time to consider serious rejuvenation.

Honestly, I don’t want to look perennially 40. I’m 55, and I’d be happy if I looked like a well-rested 50-year-old. I don’t need a full facelift, but I want to look refreshed. I work in a youth-oriented industry, and I want to look like I have some vitality left. Plump, healthy skin and eyes that look rested will go a long way toward that goal.

In my consultation with Dr. Marvel, he suggested upper eyelid surgery, CO2 skin resurfacing to smooth the imperfections, tighten, and increase collagen production, and fat transfer to plump up the areas of my face that have lost volume. (A side benefit:  I’ll have some liposuction to harvest the fat for injections.) In the next couple of blogs, I’ll describe the process.

Next up..Preparing for Your Cosmetic Surgery