Cosmetic Surgery: The Day of Your Procedure

The day you have your cosmetic surgery is a big day, and you may experience some anxiety. I wasn’t feeling as anxious about the surgery itself as I was about the recovery, since I was having three different procedures. The professional team at Marvel Cosmetic Surgery Center made my surgery day as painless as possible and gave me everything I needed for a successful recovery.

I was planning to stay  three days with my brother, who was driving me to my appointment. Before we left for Tullahoma, I made sure that I had a comfortable spot set up at his house where I could rest, read and relax.

When you go in for your procedure:

  • Dress in loose clothing, with a shirt that buttons or zips up the front (you don’t want to have to pull anything over your head).
  • Whether you’re having an in-office procedure or going to the Surgery Center, plan to arrive on time so that you can complete the necessary paperwork and release forms.
  • Plan to rest for the remainder of the day and for at least 72 hours following your procedure.

The Marvel Cosmetic Surgery Center is state of the art, and the staff couldn’t be nicer. When I arrived, I was taken to a consultation room, where I completed some paperwork. The nurse, Melinda, walked me through each procedure, gave me printed instruction sheets for follow-up, and put together a bag containing small amounts of the products I would need to use on my skin post-op.

Then Dr. Marvel came in, and we reviewed my procedures again. He made some notes for my eyelid surgery, and determined what strengths of the CO2 laser he would use on different parts of my face. He decided where the donor sites would be for the fat transfer and drew circles at the site with a Sharpie. And he determined exactly where he would inject the fat in my face, based on how much he was able to harvest.

I was taken to the surgery area, where I changed into a gown. The anesthesiologist and I chatted a few minutes while the anesthesia took effect, then she rolled me into surgery and I was transferred to the table. I don’t remember much after that. Four-and-a-half hours later, I was sitting up and being helped to get dressed. I was pretty out of it, and definitely needed someone to drive me home.

My brother was given prescriptions for an antibiotic and mild pain medication that we got filled as we left Tullahoma. Melinda also made me a follow-up appointment for the next Tuesday in Nashville. I was on my way to a more youthful me!

Next up…Recovery: Days 1-3