Our Philosophy

Skin rejuvenation…without surgery.

Dermess specializes in non-surgical intervention. While we can guide you through surgical procedures if that is your choice, many of our clients ultimately leave with a non-surgical plan that achieves the same or better results.

Our expert aestheticians will educate you on the many options you have for rejuvenating your skin. Whether it’s Botox, injectable wrinkle fillers, lasers, peels, or simply a new at-home regimen, we’ll develop a custom solution to treat your skincare concerns.

Terri Hightower, owner of Dermess, puts it this way:

“We can get you where you need to be if in fact surgery is what is indicated, but we will educate you and walk slowly and confidently with you to that decision. Many times, a patient that comes in for a surgical consultation leaves with a non-surgical plan that will achieve the same or even better results. There are so many new tools for us to incorporate. Ninety percent of the time, surgery is not needed. It is a matter of educating our patients on what is available and if it is applicable for them.”